Feenpal is a cloud-based online accounting solution ideal for sole proprietors, freelancers and smaller entrepreneurship that connects business teams and their clients making the collaboration seamless as it should be.
Feenpal has all the tools that bring your business, professional and financial activity to the next level.
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Inspired by real challenges of people like you

We started Feenpal because as entrepreneurs and freelancers we noticed that a lot of our time and energies had been wasted on idle tasks as manual passive invoice management, work expenses reconciling, timesheet compilation.
Our efforts had been in vain trying to match all these data entries together in order to get some insights about the results of our activity and to figure out what are our chances for future.
Billing our clients were frustrating with Word, Excel and other software that wasn’t built to create professional looking invoices effortlessly.
Like so many businesses we were spending far too much time waiting for payments and reconciling books.
Thus we felt the urge to find the answer to a question, that anybody running a business has posed to oneself at least once in their life: “How can we make all this stuff easier? How can we be fitter, happier and more productive?”

Solutions based on years of business experience 

The idea of Feenpal was born nearly 10 years ago because the answer we had was unanimous: every active invoice is passive for someone else.
Why should we input twice or more a dataset that is already digitalised?
Another problem we faced as a composite team of agencies and freelancers – why can’t we have a project management tool that help us to track our expenses and timesheets?
Why can’t we have different collaboration roles in different projects?
While researching a solution, we found that most products were too complex being supposed for huge corporate teams. The products supposed for small businesses instead were just truncated versions of big business offerings and were not a great fit.
Seeing an opportunity to fill a gap in the marketplace, and feeling the arriving of e-invoicing era the idea for creating our own solution was born.
And we believe it can be a game-changer for all the people that have been facing the same problems as we did.


Founded and headquartered in Milan, we are a small team is composed from enthusiastic and highly-motivated people specialised in software, marketing and project management who are working daily to make the everyday life easier for freelancers, smaller businesses and startups because we believe that they are those who make the world go round.
We want people to trade and grow through better tools, information and connections. Of course, we can’t do it by ourselves: we work closely with our customers, partners, and our friends to make Feenpal a little bit better day by day.
If you think that can help us on our challenge in some way – please feel free to contact as.